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2017 Benro Drone camera bag

Release date:2018-05-12 Author:Xiong Daosen Click:

In the past two years, in order to improve the shooting accuracy and shooting diversity, drone popularity rate of rapid increase, more and more photographers to develop into the necessary equipment for modern photography; and many video equipment can meet the outdoor Travel photography, the loading of its choice played a vital role.

2017 Benro launched a series of professional unmanned aerial camera bag, they are not just SLR / Drone equipment to provide the best solution, fully played a low-key appearance is not luxury, containing the atmosphere of the equipment Protective effect

Incognito 150

Is designed for MAVIC drone and micro single or entry SLR design of the drone photography shoulder bag, casual appearance with stylish fashion cover design, anti-theft performance, rear zipper opening way, so that the package has the most Good protection. Microsystems series with khaki, with selectivity, better meet the user's purchase needs


Pioneer 350N Professional Drone Backpack

Using the top DuPont 1680D fabric and the first layer of calfskin production, accessories are used YKK and UTX brand buckle, high-end atmosphere, the main bag before the full open way, you can place a set of Pantome 4 drone and 1 SLR  2 lenses (70-200), large capacity, easy to take, the top of the bag with a hidden hook button, can be anti-theft, protection of user equipment, shooting more enjoyable


Reebok II150N

Reebok II150N professional unmanned shoulder bag, using the upper and lower layered structure, the effective storage of equipment and items, the main bag for the back after the way, can be anti-theft, stylish simple pocket design, can accommodate a 13-inch Apple computer, iPad mini and other accessories, behind the stamping molding, comfortable and breathable


Smart series

Smart II25 is a design for the MAVIC drone and the design of the drone shoulder bag, simple and unique appearance, to blue color, stylish atmosphere; the main bag can be placed MAVIC drone and small micro single or battery, The top of the package with a cache function to meet the needs of users, is your portable excellent choice.


Discovery Drone Insert

Discovery insert is designed for the MAVIC designed a liner package, small size large capacity, to explore the liner 15 with the upper and lower layered structure, can be completely placed MAVIC drone, to explore the insert 25 can be placed MAVIC and accessories .



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