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BENRO Hosting Lens instead of gun to save endangered animals Lecture

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BENRO Hosting Lens instead of gun to save endangered animals Lecture

As a leader of photography accessories products in China, BENRO not only devotes itself to the R&D of professional photography accessories products, but also is fond of such affairs as developing education and protect eco-system, for which BENRO won a high reputation among photographers, photographic manufacturers and government. For China P&E 2014, BENRO invited several contracted photographers to the exhibition and showed them BENRO’s newly developed products. At the exhibition, Tom Svensson and Joakim Odelberg from Sweden, famous Conservation photographers and filmmakers, gave photographers lectures, themed as Lens instead of gun to save endangered animals to call on protecting environment, especially those endangered animals and they communicated with photographers in the field about shooting skills and feelings.


Tom Svensson, a Conservation photographer that started to take photos to touch people and make a difference, is now a member of Swedish Nature Photographer/N and IEPA(International Environment Photographers Association), an Explorer in the Canon ambassadors programme and has work with BENRO Team for 3 years. He went to Africa, America, Asia and etc, to take pictures, of which the very famous and amazing are the white lion, Kermode Bear, India tiger and some others. The pictures show dead animal bodies that have been harmed by poachers surprise many many people. Joakim Odelberg, award winning documentary and underwater Conservation filmmaker and one of the most contracted and respected underwater filmmakers in Sweden, is dedicated to save our oceans. He now works with foundations and companies such as WWF Sweden, Baltic Sea 2020, Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation, Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management, Nordic Council among others. At the exhibition, these two photographers thought highly of BENRO products and tried out some newly developed products, at the same time, communicated with photographers delightedly. The lecture attracted many photographers and won applause successively.


Tom Svensson(third from the left)


Joakim Odelberg and his boy fans



The lecture

While communicating shooting skills with photographers, Tom and Joakim showed some pictures that showed some dead animal bodies harmed by poachers for getting the ivory, rhino horn or leather and so on. They wanted to show people the current situation endangered animals is live in and call on more and more people to pay attention to the affair, care about those animals and refuse to buy products made of ivory and rhino horn to get rid of killing elephants, rhino and so on. Photographers were affected by their sincere speeches and announced to say no to ivory and rhino products.



BENRO prepared BENRO monopods for photographers coming to the lecture and communicating with those two photographers. (the above two pictures )

“We need to do something before it’s too late.” Tom and Joakim said simultaneously, “Never buy ivory or rhino horn, if you do, you will kill them.” Indeed, we have one earth only. The earth is beautiful because of the various animals and plants, and we should protect the only eco-system we can rely on for existence currently. For our photographers, images are one of the strongest powers and cameras are one of our weapons. Images can save a piece of world.

BENRO, as a responsible enterprise, will live up to our promise to protect environment, not only launching a signal, but also take practical action, that’s to design and produce professional photography equipments to back up photographers worldwide.

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