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BENRO Introduces a Series of New Products at China P&E 2014

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BENRO Introduces a Series of New Products at China P&E 2014



BENRO, the leader of photography accessories in China brought photographers series of newly developed products at  China P&E 2014 held on April 25-28, 2014 in Beijing, including newly launched tripods and heads, newly developed camera bags and optical filters, etc. attracting great attention of media, photographers and invited guests in the field. All newly developed products are designed taking photographer’s needs when taking photos under different conditions into account, more practical in function and appearance. Many photographers asked to have a try the new product on the spot.


Tripods and heads:


Combination series tripods


BENRO newly developed tripods in combination series make great progress in function and aesthetic following the footstep of elder ranges, featuring high supporting ability and excellent stability and being able to supporting stably 135mm, full frame and even heavy-duty cameras. The newly developed double insurance design on the magnesium bowl and the more practical magic hand extension configuration make it more convenient to increase or decrease attachments. BENRO combination series tripods provide ideal solution for photographers who pay attention to not only high supporting capability but also excellent stability.

Tripods in combination series provide 3#, 4# and even 5# different types of leg tube. Crucially, this series of tripods can be customized if necessary.


iTrip series tripod kits

Travel-friendly iTrip series tripod kits are designed to meet successively increased needs of photographers for stability and portability when travelling, being a good solution for photographers who are fond of outdoor recreation, travelling and landscape photography to create the shot they always envision.

The leg of compact iTrip tripod can fold back 180° to make it small enough to fit into carry bag to carry around when travelling by train, plane, etc. without worrying about losing or damaging caused by consignment. All- in-one locking structure the head adopts is good for quick adjustment and locking, popular among photographers. The 3D bubble level helps to keep the level of images and rubber upper surfaces on the QR plate increase frication and reduce scratch. In addition, dual- action QR plate locking system secures camera from falling accidently.



Camera bags


Swift series camera bags


It is known to us all that the swift is the bird that flies the fast with broad wings and persistent mind and very flexibly.

Swift series camera bags, the newest camera bags BENRO officially launches feature sleek design, large storehouse and ergonomic carrying system. The Swift designs the separate above and below storehouse with anti-thief opening at the rear. The above storehouse can store some personal everyday effects, like clothes, wallets, ect. and the below storehouse attached an anti-falling drawstring stores camera, lens, flash, etc. and can be used as a day pack when not storing gear. The front compartment can accommodate laptop, removable hard-disk drive, etc. and the side pocket can store water bottle. While making sure the back airflow, the strap is much wider to reduce pressure on the shoulder and carry comfortably.

Optical filters:


Filter holder


BENRO FH100/FH100U filter holder is constructed from aircraft grade aluminum for high durability and stability, compatible with 82mm CPL, 16mm wide angle lens, 1 circular filter plus 3 square filters and standard 100mm square filter. Including lock screws, CPL lock screw, black latch segment, Allen Key and 82mm-77mm filter adapter ring are good for operation, compatible with different types of filters.


Square GND/ND filters


BENRO GDN filters (Graduated Neutral Density Filters) are constructed from high quality glass which is coated average multi-coating for absorbing lights of different wavelength, more durable, anti-scratch and not easier to deformation than resin materials. The super flat glass is precisely grinded to meet military grade and have no affect on images. The coated WMC multi-coating protects filter from scratch, fingerprint, water strain, reduces light reflections, eliminates flare by lens and is good for shooting in the open air.

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