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Benro’s 19 Years’ Specializing in Producing Photo Accessories

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Benro’s 19 Years’ Specializing in Producing Photo Accessories



19 years means a cycle of life and also a new beginning in China, during which lots of masterpieces are born and millions of marvelous images are remembered. We appreciate a lot the consistent company of photographers at home and abroad who witness Benro, the nation independent brand of photography accessories growing up into a leading brand in China and making a name for itself worldwide over the past 19 years. In the past 19 years, Benro has been devoting itself to the development and research of such photography accessories as tripod, monopod, camera bag and the newly launched filters, making a Chinese photography brand world-known with its perseverance and hard work. At the beginning of next 19 years, it is still the promise that Benro will keep on developing professional-quality gear for photographers with the tenet of “100% professional products guaranteed to professional photographers around the world”.

Benro Precision Industry (Zhongshan) Co.Ltd was found in 1995 and mainly dedicated to developing and manufacturing the professional photographic tripods, heads, camera bags, optical filters and cabinets. Now Benro has an existing plant area of 55,000 square meters and has grown up into a large scale manufacturer of producing professional photographic accessories.

Having a history of 19 years, Benro has been devoting itself to the developing and manufacturing professional-quality photography accessories for all photographers. Benro professional photographic tripods, monopods, heads and camera bags have been favored by the majority of photography enthusiasts. In the domestic market, Benro has maintained the first market share for many years and in the international market, it also has a high reputation. As far, Benro has had more than 50 distributors in Europe, America, Japan, plus some other countries.

After Benro professional photography tripods and heads became a mainstream choice in international market, in 2007, Benro implemented brand diversification and began to get involved in professional camera bags field, and become famous in the international market soon.

Since 1995, Benro has been repeatedly awarded the "Guangdong famous trademark", "A-class taxpayers", successively honored with domestic professional photography media award "the most popular brand of photography (professional tripods and heads)," "net friend's favorite tripod brand", " the most influential image Product Award", "annual best performance award", "annual technology innovation award", "annual award", "Industrial Design Award", "Products Recommended Award", "outstanding contribution Award " and the "China Photography Education Special contribution Award " by National College of Photography Association.

Benro keeps on improving the product and brings forth new idea in materials and techniques which have always been at the leading edge around the world. For the tripod and monopod, the innovative Benro QIHM-8X technique makes Benro Carbon fiber tube the world's highest intensity tube and the light-weight, high-strength, antiwear and anodized magnesium alloy material that the main component uses is definitely stable and reliable. For camera bag, the materials is imported from Taiwan, such as: 1050D Nylon, 420D nylon, 1680D nylon and 210D nylon, which feature anti-abrasion, tear resistance, waterproof and environmental protection.

In 2013, Benro launched its independent filter brand which involves UV filters, CPL filters ,NDX filters, ND filters and filters for Mirrorless 5 varieties in all. Adhering to the national independent brand idea of leading industry stepping from “made in China” forward to “created in China”, Benro expands its products into optical industry bravely.

After doing lots of market research and studying related date statistics, Benro organised a professional team consisting of members who has some experience of military optical design, grinding, coating and processing by cooperating with USA MAC Group which has specialized in developing and producing professional photography gear for 40 years and inviting some Chinese experts in optical field to take part in. Using the advanced military processing equipment and army-grade glass materials, the team spent 3 years on the R&D of the optical filters and in 2013, finally launched a full range of filters which involves SHD, SD, PD, SD four series, covering UV, CPL, ND, NDX and filters for Mirrorless five varieties. Benro creatively put forward a number of optical technology concepts, such the innovative ULCA, HD optical processing technology, and Mirco-polarizers.

While ensuring the high-quality products and improving constantly manufacture technology, Benro also devotes itself to the development of photography culture. As far, Benro has already held successively six times Benro Cup Internet Photography Contest and three times Benro Cup Internet Photography Contest for College Students, which has aroused lots of photographers' concerns and more and more photographers are participating in the contest. The contest tour covers cities in North China, Central China and South China. It not only provides a communicating platform for photographers at all levels but also creates presenting space for college students, the future photographers.

Benro products have had a high reputation among photographers and outdoor adventure enthusiasts for the high quality. Wherever photographers are, such as the hot and humid Africa, the Antarctic, the variable ocean and the extremely hot volcano crater, Benro products offer reliable supports and witness miracles one by one with photographers.

Benro’s customer service also has a high reputation. Currently, there are product exhibition and maintenance service halls cover such cities as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Harbin, Xi 'an, Wuhan and the full range of products are backed by Benro’s 5 years free warranty.

The Benro mission statement is simple: 100% professional products guaranteed to professional photographers around the world. Benro will keep on adhering to the tenent of producing light weight, high strength, easy operation products and providing perfect after-sales service and striving to meet the needs of photographers.



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