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Benro Pioneer 3000 Professional Trolley Case Review

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Benro Pioneer 3000 Professional Trolley Case Review

More and more photographers are interested in travel photography which needs more gear than general photography. Like me, I always go for a travel or an assignment with a full kit. In order to assure my gear’s safety on the plane and have an easy journey, I choose trolley case to carry all my gear. The camera case I use is the Benro Professional Pioneer 3000 Trolley Case which has been tested by many professional photographers and enjoys a high reputation now. Besides being a trolley case, when needed, it can turn into a backpack only by taking out the hidden straps on the rear compartment of the case and a suitcase by carrying the thick handle on the very top and the side of the trolley case. I did the test with my friend during a travel assignment and I hope it can help you when choose a trolley case for your full camera kit.

to travel with Benro Pioneer 3000 Trolley Case


Made of high quality Dupont1680D and full-grain leather materials, the Benro pioneer trolley case provides substantial protection for camera kit. Adopting anti-theft zippers and UTX buckles, the security is highly enforced. Available in three sizes (Pioneer 1000, Pioneer 2000 and Pioneer 3000), the Benro pioneer trolley case is designed for those who take most of or a full gear with themselves on the plane. The Pioneer 3000 case has a dimension of 40cm×33cm×58cm which means it can fit as hand luggage without leaving your gear for the untrusted consignment when travelling abroad.

The Benro Pioneer 3000 attracts a lot of attention for its popular outline and what is the most important is that it saves a lot of energy for the strong handle and smooth wheels.

The outer pocket secured with YKK zippers on the outer side of the cover flap can be used to store some things like newspaper, magazines, etc.

The pocket next close to the main gear compartment can hold a laptop with a screen up to 17”.

The attached safety password lock added to the zip on the side of case provides extra security for valuable gear, which eliminates the worries about losing gear and leaves our hands to do something else.


When we are in some places, for example, when I am waiting for the plane, the safety code lock is of great useful. Pull the safety passwords lock out, thread my chair handle (or something next close to or in front of us) and connect it with the retractable wirerope( like the above picture shows) so that bind the case to the handle of my chair and I can read some magazines or papers without worrying a lot about losing my trolley case. Isn’t it amazing?

On the very top of the case, a hidden fastening secured with UTX buckle is used to fix securely a brief case to the trolley case.(like the blow pictures shows)

Bind the brief case to the trolley case is a good way to ensure the integrality of our luggage, easier to take care of.

The loop on the D shaped part of the YKK zipper is designed to unzip and lock the zipper much easier for photographers.

The padded foam handle is enforced with high quality Dupont1680D materials and the double-stitched process makes the handle more durable.

The tripod cup on the right side of the case and the fastening on the same top side cooperate to secure firmly the tripod to the case.

The water-repellent and abrasion- resistant layer added to the bottom of the trolley case increases the durability and waterproof function.

The bottom of the rear side is also surrounded by the water-repellent and abrasion- resistant layer.

Both the backpack straps and the handle are hidden. Unzip the rear compartment of the case and you can find out the strap.

Unzip the flap on the very top and pull out the metal handle.

While unzip the rear compartment and pull out straps (when turning into a backpack), you can reverse the back cushion and unfold the wing on both side of it to separate the wheel from our coat, protecting our coat from being contaminated by the dirt on the wheel.

The ergonomic, wide and thick backpack straps and the chest strap can be adjusted as the user’s like.


Open the trolley case, you can see, out of the main compartment, there are plenty of pockets on the over flap, which can store memory card, filters and some other small accessories. The main compartment is divided by many removable thick Velcro dividers to carry our camera and attached lens.

The main compartment has the capacity to hold up to 2-3 DSLRs, 6-8lenses and 2 flashguns and we can arrange the Velcro dividers freely to fit it to different numbers of gear. It can hold some clothes if you don't have that many gear and get rid of several Velcro dividers.

The hollowing out design at the bottom of the tiny pocket is good for taking out cards

The smaller interlayer can store such thing like battery

The bigger interlayer can store notebooks       The cups on the side can store pens

The additional waterproof bag can used to store charger, MP3, etc. The biggest pocket at the bottom of the flap can even store iPad.

Anti-theft zipper lid                             detachable pothook

Trolley case with strong handle                  suitcase with thick handle

suitcase with thick handle


After several times of travelling with the Benro Pioneer 3000 Professional Trolley Case, I do assure that it is made of fine work and high quality material and has excellent performance, so I write this review and recommend the trolley case to photographers whose schedules rely greatly on travelling with most of their gear. It is a carry-on mobile studio.

1 trolley case, suitcase and backpack three carrying ways

2 fine workmanship, popular shape and high quality materials

3 plenty of safe pockets and compartment

4 anti-theft zippers and buckles

5 easy to take out gear and accessories

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