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Benro UD UV SC Filter Review

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Benro UD UV SC Filter Review



A UV filter is very important for camera lens. Photo gear shops also make good money on UV filters. And for UV filters, they are mainly used to protect front lens elements from damage caused by being bumped or smudge caused by greasy print, sand, dirt or something else but without degrading sharpness and color saturation. However, both low quality filters and too much high price filters are not wise choices. Recently I bought a Benro UD UV SC filter and to test its quality, I used it to take photos for my weekend assignment for the first time.



Benro UD UV SC filter

The UV filter I bought belongs to the UD series, the general type. It is made from high quality Asahi Glass and features an ultra-thin rugged anodized aluminum alloy ring to absorb reflections and decrease the chances of vignetting. The high definition SC coating (single layer coating for each side) blocks UV light, increases light transmission by reducing reflections, scattering light and ghosting and decreases flare by lens. In practice, the filter does have excellent performance. There are no reflections or flare appears. I am satisfied with the performance very much.


There is available lens size and filter’s feature instruction on both the front and the side view of the orange package.

There is detailed performance instruction on the rear view.

Unfolding the paper package, there comes a solid plastic protector printed clearly with BENRO, the brand identity.

Inside the protector, the filter is surrounded by two layers of soft sponge pad. The upper layer is used to fasten the filter and the lower one is used to slow down or weaken bumping outside. It is a careful and scientific design, which protects the filter greatly.

Now we come to the UV filter itself.

The black ring is made from high quality anodized aluminum alloy with clear screw thread. Product’s brand identity “Benro” and its model information are printed on it clearly.

When fitting the filter on my camera, I did not feel any obstruction. It can be screwed on lens smoothly, not too tight and not too loose. It is a perfect joint.

Then let’s see some photos.

Without filter

With filter

The above two pictures are taken at the same time. The first one is taken without fitting UV filter on and the second one is taken with filter screwed on. We can see, there is no obvious difference between the two images, which shows that the UV filter doesn't impact the light transmission and there is no flare and vignetting.

Without filter

With filter

For these two pictures, there is no color difference. The image’s saturation and sharpness isn’t decreased.

Besides the above static pictures, there are some waterfowl pictures taken with UV filter screwed on camera lens.

graceful swan

The picture is taken by telephoto lens with faster speed. The large area blank is reserved to leave more imagination. The UV filter assures high light transmission and shows the original and natural image.

The flying bird taken with faster speed is clear and saturated. The resolution ratio is not decreased after screwing the filter on the lens. 



After the practical test, I am satisfied with the performance of the Benro UD UV SC filter. Though it is a filter in general filter series, it has excellent performance, a top filter at reasonable price (about 10$ ).

All in all, I think there are those advantages for the filter:

1 constructed from high quality Asahi Glass protects front lens element and assures clear image

2 rugged slim black aluminum alloy ring reduces reflections and decreases flare

3 high definition single coating increases light transmission and decreases vignetting

4 fine package ensures the filter’s safety

5 reasonable price and good performance

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