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My First Look at the Benro Ranger Pro 500N Backpack

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My First Look at the Benro Ranger Pro 500N Backpack




It is exciting to take photos outside with our favorite cameras in the refreshed fall. And for photography lovers, especially those professional ones, both cameras and accessories, such as support equipment, filters are important. However, a set of gear and some accessories always cost us one arm and three legs. So it is very essential to pay attention to both of them. And for our valuable cameras, a high-quality bag is a good protector. At the same time, a good photo bag can make our travel and the photography much easier. Recently, I have been being in trouble for choosing an ideal camera backpack and I got to know that my friend bought a Ranger pro 500N backpack from Benro. I borrowed and had a careful look at it. Now I describe the backpack in detail for you.

Backpacks of Ranger series are designed mainly for pro nature and sport photographers with a unique design conception of upper compartment larger than lower compartment to ensure a perfect combination between bag’s gravity and user’s waist and allow good ventilation. There are three models in this series (Ranger pro 400N, Ranger pro 500N and Ranger pro 600N) and the Ranger pro 500N one is the middle model.



This backpack is made from water-repellent, high-strength and heavy duty mountains-grade 420T Nylon material exterior, lightweight, portable and durable.

The pocket with flap in front of the bag can store some everyday personal effects, such as napkin.


Most camera backpacks on the market now are designed with only one top opening, which means you have to take the bag off your shoulders and lay it down on the ground in order to grab your cameras. The Benro Ranger backpack makes the grabbing of cameras much easier with a left side opening for quickly access to cameras and attached lens. With this opening, you can quickly access to your gear by slipping one of the shoulder straps. And on the opening, there is storage for some tiny accessories (such as ticket) with YKK zipper lock system.

Unzip the opening and you can see the inner structure for quickly access to gear clearly. And the double slots for carrying memory cards or SD cards on the opening are designed to get and exchange card easily and quickly.

On the right side, there is a pouch and some belts which are used to hook some accessories.

Unzip the pouch and you’ll find an elasticated and retractable mesh pocket for holding water bottle. It is a wonderful design for photographers on the go.


For the rear side, the three-way ergonomic and air-flow soft back fits perfectly the gravity to user’s waist shape, reducing pressure effectively.

carrying system

The top carry handle is made from high quality molded foam and reinforced by water-repellent and high-strength 420T Nylon, comfortable and solid. The top opening adopts YKK zipper and buckles, increasing the security.

A faucet hanger on the upper back is designed to reduce photographer’s neck exhausting due to the long time hanging of camera, which embodies the professional design.

The chest belt can be adjusted according to user’s height and the elasticated part is used to prevent uneasiness when engaging in sports photography.

The adjustable waist belts can fit itself perfectly to user’s built and shape and cooperates with chest straps, the belt can secure firmly the bag to the user’s back and prevent the backpack from moving around and catching photographer off-balance.

There are pouches on both of the waist straps’ main part. The right one can be used to store lens cap, allowing quick access to and grabbing.

The left pouch can store rain cover.

Ranger backpack covered with rain cover

The frontal bottom of the bag designs tripod sign and there is a pocket inside which is used as tripod holding base.

Tripod holding base


The bottom is made from water-repellent, anti-wear and vibration-proof pad, easy-cleaning and durable.
inner compartment

Divided by plenty of padded, shock-resistant and removable dividers, the inner room is large enough to contain as many as gear for pro photographers.

The inner mesh pocket on the front flap stores such accessories as batteries, cleaning device.

The main compartment of the Ranger 500N has a capacity of holding 2 DSLRs, 6-8 lenses, 2 flashguns and a laptop with a screen up to 15 ".( for the test, I didn’t take all gear)

The front pocket used to store laptop or tripod adopts hot-pressure technical art, which not only can avoid crashing and shaking but also cam isolate cold, high temperature and damp.

live-action reference

access to compartment from side

The hollowing out design at the bottom of the inner slot allows quick and easy grabbing of all kinds of card.

The faucet hanger on the top back does reduce neck’s pressure from long time hanging camera and save lots of energy.

The waist and chest straps fit themselves perfectly to my build and shape to prevent the bag from moving around and catching me off-balance.

The removable belt fastens solidly and tightly the tripod to the bag.

The additional digital bag can store such electricity accessories as MP3 and some other things when having a trip.

waterproof zippers

The strap is stitched up to the main body by double-stitching process to ensure durability.


According to the actual test, I am sure that the Benro Ranger 500N backpack is a good choice for photographers for its fine work and large capacity. It can meet our needs for both quality and performance. And thanks to the easy getting of materials and labors, it has an advantage over many other brands on price in terms of bags with the similar quality. Therefore, I am going to buy one Benro Ranger Backpack and I will recommend the Benro Ranger Backpack to my other friends too.

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