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Benro Cool Walker 450N Backpack Review

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Benro Cool Walker 450N Backpack Review




Camera bags are of great important for photographers. Good photo bags not only protect gear from damage and offer enough space to stow trimly and safely plenty of kit, but also have comfortable carrying system with quick access to gear and easy grabbing cameras. So to choose camera bags are as important as to choose cameras. Now, the market is flooded with many camera bags from different manufactures, such as backpacks, shoulder bags, zooms and cases. For pro photographers, especially those who like taking photos and need lot of gear when going go for a trip, a good backpack is a good helper. And today I’ll give you a review about Benro Cool Walker 450N Backpack which I think is practical and high quality, hoping it can help you.




Cool Walker Backpacks are designed with durable and solid material, simple appearance, comfortable and ergonomic carrying system and easy opening system for quick access to and grabbing gear. In the following text, I’ll introduce it to you in detail.



Cool Walker 450N Backpack from Benro





Benro Cool Walker backpacks are made from lightweight, water-repellent, fashionable and durable 1200D Nylon Honeycomb riptop. Zippers and buckles from YKK enhance the security. For the carrying system, the back adopts three-way ventilative design to avoid sweltering feeling caused by obstructed airiness when the bag loads full of gear, the padded straps are flexible and airy and the removable and adjustable waist belt fits itself perfectly to a photographer’s shapes and builds to firmly secure the backpack to user’s body without moving around and catching user off-balance, especially when climbing and hiking.



The Cool Walker 450N has a 37.5×31.7×57cm exterior dimension, a 32×17.5×49cm interior dimension and a weight of 3.17kg, being capable of holding 2 SLRs(with grip), 6-8 lenses, 2 flashguns , a laptop with a screen up to15in and other photographic accessories and everyday effects, which can meet all photography needs. As shown in the above test, though I put all gear and accessories that will used in the bag, it still has some extra room. It is great for both excursion and long journey.





Capacity of Cool Walker 450N

It’s easy to access to the main compartment by unzipping the top front opening. The interior is divided by a wealth of padded, shock-resistant and removable dividers. You can make combination at your will by the Velcro. The grey material allows for viewing the contents at ease and attaching optional divider for organizing additional lenses and accessories (as is shown in the above pic).



affluent apartments and pockets





pockets for accessories



Internal pockets on the front flap can be used to store memory card, reader, batteries, USB drive and others, which is secure and anti-theft.




compartment design in front pocket




pocket for ipad and phone

Unzip the external frontal pocket and there are separate pockets which are used to store phone, ipad, wallet and other accessories.


Other details





YKK zipper and buckle




padded and strong carry handle




pockets for laptop

When we are away for days, a laptop computer is essential and also is the ideal tool for reviewing and editing pictures.




Side pockets are designed to store objects like water bottle, umbrella and so on.




pocket for holding tripod

There is a hidden pocket on the frontal bottom of the backpack. It is a docking base to secure a tripod injunction with the fasteners on the middle and top of the bag.




1200D Nylon Honeycomb water-repellent fabrics




The bottom is reinforced by durable material , anti-shock and wear-resistant, prolonging the service life.




D shaped buckle

There are some D shaped buckles which can hang some pendants.




brand identity


For the reason that the Benro Cool Walker 450N is designed mainly for pro photographers who often need lots of camera and gear, so great capacity, excellent protection capability and comfortable carrying system are very important. When carrying this backpack with full capacity, due to the ergonomic and ventilated 3D carrying way design, after adjusting straps to appropriate position, making the back of the bag fit my shape and fastening the waist strap and chest strap, I find it totally different from those that designs without taking ergonomic design and air-flow element into consideration. It feels more lightweight and comfortable, especially when go for a long journey out and about. So if you are fond of outdoor photography or often need large space to load your valuable gear, the Benro Cool Walker 450N is a good choice.






1.     Large capacity and ergonomic, air-flow carrying system

2.     Full front opening ensures easy and quick carry-in and out of gear

3.     High quality YKK zipper and buckle enhances security

4.     Water-repellent and durable fabrics protect gear effectively.


It is a little heavier for those who don't need many cameras and lenses.

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