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C2282TV2 tripod kit--Shooting samples

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Shooting samples


Now, we have a look at the pictures shot by C2282TV2 tripod kit together.

Shooting with C2282TV2 tripod kit

C2282TV2 can be extended to 1380mm tall and can be up to 1654mm with the main column is extended. So it is available for those photographers with the height between 170cm and 180cm.

The height of C2282TV2

Large damping knob operating more comfortable and easily


Shooting with C2282TV2 tripod kit

Shooting with the assembled monopod


    Pictures shot at night



    I shoot two pictures at the same place, taking the screenshot and enlarging them by 100% separately. The left one is shot supported by C2282TV2 tripod kit while the other one is by tripod of another brand.



Long exposure picture shot by the supporting of C2282TV2


When shooting, I don't use mup and self-timer self-shot. I simply fix the camera on the C2282TV2 directly and shoot. The constant damping system makes the head more stable and the picture much clearer.



By the trying out the C2282TV2, I am sure that Benro devotes a lot sincerity and energy to the R&D of the new product indeed. C2282TV2 inheritsthe excellent features and conducts its own innovation. Especially the new constant damping system, which improves the stability a lot and is suitable for travelers and photographers interested in sceneries.



Multi-functional and the constant damping system improves the stability and safety, making the travel and shooting more comfortable and convenient.


The free short central column is easy to get lost when stored alone.

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