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Trying out Benro C2282TV2 tripod kit PART1

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Multifunction and stronger locking system

Trying out Benro C2282TV2 tripod kit 


It has become one of the most popular trends to take photos when travelling. By taking photos, we record the fabulous sceneries and make the beauty be long lived.  For travel and location shootings, a sturdy tripod gives us the support needed to maintain low-noise ISO settings, creatively blur motion with slower shutter speeds, or maximize depth-of-field with smaller apertures. However, if we are on a tight budget, “sturdy” usually equates to heavy, and the benefits we get from a heavy tripod must be weighed against the hassle of carrying it, the space it takes up and the extra price we may incur for shipping it to various locations. On the other hand, smaller, lightweight tripods made of carbon fiber offer a superior weight-to-support ratio than metal models, but a decent one usually costs us an arm and a leg. So a high performance, multifunctional, lightweight and portable tripod is a must-have accessory. And according to my own experience, Benro Travel Angel II C2282TV2 is an ideal choice, high performance and reasonable price. What’s more, it can be transformed into monopod and alpenstock in a twinkling. It enjoys great popularity among photographers.






Benro C2282TV2 is the second generation of Travel Angel version, belonging to number 2 series. Besides following such features as waterproof, anti-dust, shock-resistant and quick-locking, it has been updated and optimized comprehensively. Constant damping system, QIHM-8X 8layers carbon fiber tube and QLS leg extension locking system are the most outstanding features of the new series.





    External view:


    When folded, the innovative carbon fiber model is only 450mm, and can easily fits into most carry-on bags. It can be folded down to a mere 259mm length, yet can be extended up to 1645mm tall with extended central column ( 1380mm without the central column), and can support up to 18kg. It is obvious that for the new products, Benro has found a better balance resolution between weight capacity and tripod’s own weight, which is very important for our photographers to reduce the carrying weight while having a sturdy shooting support.



Folding the legs back 180 degrees



Totally extended



Black is still the classic style of C2282TV2. The center components connecting the three legs  are made of high performance aviation aluminum and the legs are made of QIHM-8X high strength carbon fiber, increasing the strength by 25%. Of course, the design of folding legs back 180 degrees make it more portable, which meets the need of travelling users.


New QIHM-8X carbon fiber


Three-position leg angle adjustment


Hook at the bottom of the main stem


Hanging the bag on the hook for additional stability


    Center component

    The centre component connecting legs are made of high performance aviation aluminum alloy, lightweight, sturdy and delicate.


Aviation aluminum alloy center component


Adjustable and foldable system


Pull-out leg locking buckle 

The free Allen Key can used to loosen or lock the tripod adapter


    C2282TV2 adopts inverted- leg mechanism, pull-out leg locking system and three- position leg angle adjustment. There are three sets of locking buckles on the triangle leg-connecting base, which can adjust the legs at different angles. With the standard Allen Key, you can loosen and lock tight the leg to make them meet your shooting needs.


    Tubes and pad

    The new leg extension locking system adopts the newly innovative QLS lock. When loosening or locking legs, you need only actuate the rubberized locking rings with a simple quarter turn. Simple as it is, the locking strength is 20% higher than the elder locking design and is much sturdier.  It won’t happen that the tripod is inclined because of the loose leg locking when shooting.

Tube equipped with innovative QLS locking system



The enlarged rubberized pad adopts texture treatment, increasing the touching area and friction force, proving shock protection, which makes the shooting more smooth and comfortable.

Interchangeable stainless steel spiked feet


Besides the original rubberized pad, there are stainless steel spiked feet for free which can be screwed in for the use on soft or slippery ground or grass lawns.


Reversible main column

C2282TV2 adopts three- position leg angle adjustment. When opening the three support legs, you can independently lock each leg at 21°,55° and 80°three angles, allowing you to spread legs over rough terrain or along the side of river. What is more, the 21° locking position is designed to meet the need of low angle shooting.


The lowest shooting angle

Multi-angle leg position


When unscrewing the spring-loaded metal hook at the bottom of the main stem, you can reverse the central column so that the camera can be set up all the way down to ground level to shoot, meeting the special needs.

Inverting the main column


Being able to converted into an alpenstock

One of the most outstanding features of Travel Angel is to transform the tripod into monopod and alpenstock. Of course, C2282TV2 has the function too. Removing the leg which has foam grip on out and screwing the wooden handle or fiting the head on it, then you get a monopod or a alpenstock.

Main column, wooden handle and wrist strap for alpenstock

assembling monopod or alpenstock


When you buy C2282TV2 tripod kit, you will get a wooden handle, center column and a piece of wrist strap for free. Removing the leg with foam grip out and fitting the wrist strap and wooden handle on it, then you get an alpenstock. It is very convenient when travelling in the open air.

Handle for alpenstock

The assembled alpenstock


Being able to converted into a monopod

Besides the alpenstock, with the complimentary short main column or the long main column of the tripod, you can assemble either of them with the leg which has foam grip on to get a monopod. The monopod is better than the one bought separately.

complimentary short main column, long main column




Short monopod

Long monopod



    That is the C2282TV2 tripod and I’ll show you the other parts later.

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