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Available to both photo and video--trying out Benro C2573FS4 tripod kit

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Available to both photo and video--trying out Benro C2573FS4 tripod kit


As the leader of domestic photography accessories, Benro has been devoting itself to the R&D of photography accessories and has made great progress. The new products continuously launched enrich the imaging product market and make photographers have more choices for supporting their different types’ cameras. This time, I will try out the newly launched tripod kit which applies to video and photo.

It is known to us all that many kinds of DSLR have not only been used to take pictures, more or less, we also use DSLR to shoot short films, which has been a popular trend. If we buy tripod separately for photo and film, it will cost us one arm and three legs. So the tripod kit that not only can meet the need for general cameras but also can support camcorders sturdily is the best choice. Today, the tripod kit that I am using is Benro’s newly launched product specially designed for the dual-use of photo and film. This tripod kit is paired the C2573FS4 with S4 hydraulic head which is specially designed for digital shooting. The hydraulic head touches more comfortable and has better damping, applying to video and photo.






For this tripod kit, the C2573FS4 carbon fiber tripod weighs 2.2kg, compact and sturdy. It is lighter than the aluminum version but can support the same weight as the heavy duty aluminum version does, holding up to 4kg. And the matched smaller S4 hydraulic head is designed for small and medium pick-up systems, and can support up to telescope-lens DSLR. The head is made of high performance aluminum but has a light weight.


Flip locking system

Compared with most of the tripods which uses twist locking system, the C2573FS4 adopts flip locking system. For me, I prefer the flip locking system to the twist locking system. I think it’s more stable and quicker. The C2573F’s flip locking system adopts engineering plastics, thick, wide and durable, and can be adjusted by a light flip of the wrist.





By adjusting the leg locking system, the tripod can be fold down to mere 41.5 centimeters length, yet can be extended up to 172 centimeters tall, meeting all kinds of shooting needs.


The lowest shooting angle(with the widest extended degrees)


The largest shooting height (with the extended central column)


    And the matched smaller S4 hydraulic head is designed for small and medium pick-up system, and can support up to telescope-lens DSLR. The head is made of high performance aluminum and magnesium to ensure the strength and stability, yet has a light weight. At the same, I think the blue and the matched black makes the head beautiful.



    Although this tripod kit is designed for video, but DSLR is available too. Like this, I put a professional telescope-lens DSLR weighing up to 4kg on it to test the stability. We can see the tripod supports it without any shaking and unbalance.



In order to further make sure whether the kit has high performance or not, I use the prepared equipment to take some photos. One is taken by 150mm lens and the other is by 300mm.





Enlarge the picture by 100%:






Enlarge the picture by 100%:


By the test, we can observe that this tripod kit is high-performance. It stays the excellent stability even with those large equipments. So it can be applied to most of the photo/video system.


The C2573FS4 is designed with great responsibility and enthusiasm, having those features:

Excellent workmanship

Made of high performance light weight material and carbon fiber, the tripod is compact, durable and sturdy.  And for the S4 hydraulic head, the plate is against the head tightly to prevent the gears from falling down.

All the knobs are made of engineering plastics which touch comfortable and operate smoothly and easily.


    To shoot video conveniently and easily, the head are equipped with interchangeable pan bar handle which fits on both lift and right of the head.

pan bar handle


With the hydraulic design, it becomes very easy and stable when shooting video. And the big knob on the side makes the adjustment be smooth and easy according to users’ own hobbies. In order to show the effect better, I take a short piece video.


The ball connection between head and tripod is made of high performance aluminum. The head will change direction and can be turned wholly as soon as you adjust the ball connection.






High performance S4 hydraulic head


The adopting of three- position leg angle adjustment makes you lock independently the three legs at three angles, allowing you to spread the legs over a rough terrain or support a camera on a rocky hill or along side of winding stream.



The central column can go up and down easily by adjusting the knob on the bottom.



Under the knob releasing and locking the central column embeds a compass which is very important when travelling in the open air.



Operate smoothly and easily

The head offers numbers of locking and drag knobs to control the head’s tilt and swivel. What should be mentioned is the blue button for adjusting the plate. The button is designed to protect the gears from falling down when accidently releasing the locking knob. Only knobbing the blue button can dismount the plate totally.


Blue stop button

Big round knob used to control the head’s tilt



Knob used to control the head’s swivel

By adjusting the knob on the ball connection, you can make the head conduct a 360°swivel. It should be noted that you should hold the head in case it falls down when loading gears.


There is a short piece video for clearly showing you the knobs operation.



This is a versatile tripod kit, affordable, delicate and easy to operate. It is an ideal choice for professors and armatures.


1 Lightweight and portable

2 Hydraulic head, convenient to shooting video

3 High performance carbon fiber ensures the high strength



1 Difficult to carry heavy gears

2 The knobs made of engineers plastics may be worn out due to the long time using.


Test samples:



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