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Ideal Choice for Cool Traveling --Trying out Benro Cool Walker 450N Backpack

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Ideal Choice for Cool Traveling --Trying out Benro Cool Walker 450N Backpack 


     The bags become more and more important with the heavier and heavier equipments. A bag with good performance can not only reduce the carrying stress but also protect equipments from damage. Though the quality of some foreign famous brands is more reliable, the price is higher and most of us can not afford them. Fortunately, our domestic photography accessories manufactures have risen rapidly recent years, which provide more choices for our photographers with compatible quality and favorable price. This time, the product I am going to try out is Benro’s newest backpack, Cool Walker 450N and I’ll share my feeling with you.  






The Front External View

    Being domestic photography accessories manufacturer, Benro has been staying ahead of all other brands. Bags, tripods and the latest launched optical filters get credit for the excellent performance and reasonable price. Now, I’ll try out the newest backpack, Cool Walker 450N.



The External View

    The bag follows the classical and practical style without garish attachments. The 1200D Nylon Honeycomb riptop which is durable, elastic, waterproof and anti-dust makes the bag protect valuable gears from damage when falling down accidently. The weight of 3.17kg is not a big problem for our energetic users. There is a stretchable pouch at the central bottom which is designed to fasten tripod vertically used with the bundling belt. Compared with the design of putting the tripod on the side or the back horizontally, the updating design makes the carrying more balanced and the walking much easier especially when walking in narrow gorge or alley.


Effect Picture of Fastening Tripod

    It is obvious that the carrying keeps balanced when burdening a high-end fiber tripod. Of course, it is also very easy to access the tripod. It only needs to release the bundling belt.


Left Side



Right Side


    There are pouches and pulling buckles on both sides, which are used to store bottles and some other tiny attachments.


Backpack Straps 

    There is a D shaped loop buckle on the strap which is used to store such everyday effects as tiny water bottle and interphone for the easy accessing place. The straps can be adjusted according to the actual needs. Compared with some other brands, Cool Walker’s strap is designed with suitable length and easy to operate.



Internal Details

    The thick handle makes the carrying be easier and more comfortable when loading too many things. The multi-layers design of the front bag makes it possible to manage the things according to their features, for example, pens and mini notebook can put in the external layer, ipad can be put in the middle layer and such every effects as cellphone, purse, portable power source can be put in the internal layer. Compared with those designs, for example only two layers or no layer, the innovative updating helps photographers to arrange their articles much easier. There is no doubt that the soft notebook can prevent the valuable phone from damage when running into accident.



The Top and the Carrying Effect


Opening the Front Part

Open the back zipper and put the laptop in

    Nowadays, when travelling, taking along laptop to deal with data and pictures without places limitation has become a popular trend. So an interlayer for storing laptop has become a standard when selecting a large bag. For Cool Walker 450N, the laptop can be put into the interlayer between the main part and user’s back. And for the back part, it is a little smaller to store a 15 inches laptop for games but the light laptop like Macbook Air. However, when having a journey, it has fewer chances to take along laptop for games. So the design of Cool Walker 450N is reasonable.



Benro Cool Walker 450N Storing Effect 

    When opening the main bag, we can see the inner is divided into several chambers regularly with soft and padded dividers to prevent your gears from jostling and bouncing when moving, providing perfect protection for gears. According to the number and dimension of the compartments , the bag can contain 2 DSLRgrip included6-8 lenses and 2 flashes, which can meet various shooting needs. The inner part is design with a front cover which can be used store memory card, battery and so on, which can get fast and conveniently when taking cameras.


YKK zipper and release buckles

    There is a design attracting me a lot. That is the zipper lid design which increases the waterproof and anti-dust function. Even in extreme weather, the gears can get a perfect protection. At the same, the YKK zippers make the bag be durable and safe.





YKK Zipper and Release Buckles



    It is well-known to us all that the shooting must be affected if the zipper or buckle doesn’t work. The low quality zipper may make our gears in a dangerous situation. So when selecting a bag, the zipper must be one necessary standard. Benro Cool Walker 450N does not disappoint me.



Carrying System and Ventilation System

    When trying out the Cool Walker 450N, I don’t have the feeling that the back is hot or the shoulders are hurt for loading too many gears. Observing carefully, I find that the suspension system is made of high performance trampoline air-flow mash material and the inverted ‘T’ salient makes the suspension does not against my back tightly even the bag is full of gears. Besides, the padded and wide backpack straps make the carrying more comfortable. Although the zipper and the fabrics have provided good waterproof and anti-dust function, Benro still provides a free rain cover.




Carrying Effect









    According to the trying out, it is obvious that Benro Cool Walker 450N features reasonable design, large capacity, and comfortable carrying system. Compared with some famous foreign brands, Benro Cool Walker is the ideal choice for photographers for the reasonable price and high-end quality.




1 large capacity

2 high performance fabrics and consummate workmanship

3 comfortable and breathable carrying system




A little heavy though having large capacity and protecting gears very well

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