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The Fashionable and Versatile BENRO Swift200 Camera Backpack

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The Fashionable and Versatile BENRO Swift200 Camera Backpack




The summer holiday is coming and lots of students are planning a travelling with their family, friends, maybe just alone. Definitely, plenty of photos must be taken. For our students, most of us want a camera bag that is fashionable, comfortable, durable and big enough to load our gear and stuff. For a holiday assignment, I went to a photography store to select a camera bag. The seller recommended this blue Swift200 camera backpack from BENRO to me. I tested out it and felt good. Now I write down my review and hope it can help you.



The BENRO Swift camera bag weighs 0.74kg and is made of 1000D water-repellent Nylon materials. Lightweight, sleek design and suitable for outdoor photography.



The top handle is wrapped a piece of water-repellent fabric with high dense stitch for comfort and toughness.


The bag is equipped with YKK zippers, water-repellent and durable. The zipper end hangs loop which is encircle by red aluminum ring for easier operation and fashion.


Side pocket for holding tripod

Flip-flap buckle belt for quickly fixing the tripod

Wide and thick honeycomb mesh straps are airflow and ergonomic, providing absolute comfortable when carrying heavy gear.


    The back is also constructed from honeycomb mesh, comfortable and breathable. Back access to the gear increases security of the gear.


    The back access also utilizes YKK zippers for smooth operation and high safety.


    The adjustable chest and waist belts help fit the backpack into my built, keeping the pack squarely on my back, especially suitable for climbing mountain.


The right side pocket holds water bottles, umbrella, hat and so on. The stretchable upper opening secures stuff’s safety.


    The rubber mat on the movable handle not only is a decoration but also provides cool touch point when taking off or carrying the pack by hands.


Rubber mat for comfortable handling when taking off the pack


Reducing pressure on my hand


    The bottom is constructed from durable and water-repellent materials, easy to clean and long service life.


    Unzip the front flap and you can store filters, pen, keys, iPad in the net pocket and laptop in the big pocket.


Removable key ring


    The BENRO Swift camera bag adopts upper and lower two separate storages design. The upper opening is equipped with YKK zippers.


    The upper storage accommodates stuff like purse, earphone, facial tissue, clothes, lens cleaning kit, etc.


    The lower storage utilizes integrated design. The drawstring protects gear sliding down and being damaged.


    Not only compact and fashion, the Swift also can hold gear meeting our needs. It can hold 1 DSLR, 2 lenses and 1 flash. This time, I take my Canon 5D2, 24-70mm f/2.8L and 70-200mm f/2.8L lenses. The camera and lenses in it are steady and safe.


        It changes to a usual pack when removing the integrated compartment, loading something else needed during the travel.


    When removing the camera and lens compartment, there is no obstruction between the upper and the lower storages. It can hold more stuff.


The included rain-coat protects the pack from water, rain, sand or dust.


The Swift camera backpack from BENRO is fashionable, comfortable, durable, lightweight and can securely protect my gear from damage. It features desperate upper and lower storages for gear and daily stuff individually and can change to a usual pack immediately by removing the gear compartment, versatile and advanced, confirming to our students’ idea. What’s more, the ergonomic and airflow harness system and molded back pad provide cool and comfortable feeling when carrying heavy load on the trail. So if you are planning a holiday journey or a shooting assignment and want a camera bag with sleek design, enough load capacity and comfortable harness system, the Swift camera backpack from BENRO is a good choice.



BENRO Swift200 Camera Backpack


1000D Water-repellent Nylon

Interior size

25cm * 13cm * 22cm

Exterior size

33cm * 22cm * 42cm




Balck, blue, dark grey

Load capacity

1 DSLR,2 lenses(70-200mm)


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