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Benro PD CPL the Best Choice for Landscape Photography

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Benro PD CPL the Best Choice for Landscape Photography



Many rather new photographers have something in common that they think all wanted images can be got by cameras equipped nothing, which is obvious not so accurate in professional photographers’ opinions. When shooting in the open air, we often encounter such troublesome as the blurred images by flare and reflections. So, besides the reasonable framing, as you progress further into photography you might have gotten to a point where you're looking into how accessories can improve your images. For example,it is essential to filter excrescent lights, for example, polarizing and reflections by water, glass, paint, etc. And the reflections cannot be resolved only by upgrading cameras or lenses. Filters are important.


For filters, there are many different filters that can solve different problems. ND(Neutral Density) filters  can be used to slow down your shutter speed, like shooting streams which are expected to flow like silk, GND (Graduated Neutral Density ) filtersallow you to tame a landscape where the dynamic range between the sky and the ground is too great and to capture the whole range in a single frame and CPL (Circular Polarizer) filters are used to eliminate reflections and polarizing, darkening the sky to create more impact and make the clouds more dramatic, eliminating reflections on non-metallic surface for color saturation and clear contrast. Among all the filters, CPL filters are the filters used the most frequently. By screwing CPL filter on, images are much clearer and saturated. So, CPL filters are very important and indispensable to photography, especially landscape photography.


Of course, another issue is what CPL filters to buy. There are so many manufactures on the market claim that they have produced filters that have high quality. According to many tests that I have made, I recommend you Benro PD CPL filters.


Benro claimed officially the launch of filters on 2013 China P&E and there are UV filters, CPL filters, ND filters, NDX filters and PL for Mirrorless five categories, of which PD CPL-HD WMC filters are one hot deal now.


Features of Benro PD CPL-HD WMC filters:


1 Superior Flatness of Glass Enhanced Output HD Sharp Images


2 Rugged Black Aluminum Alloy Filter Ring


3 High Quality CPL film


Coated Black Optically Flat Schott Glass



the front package


Benro has been the leading photographic accessories brand in China and the products have been being the first choice for photographers for the reasonable price and excellent performance. It is said that Benro spent 3 years on the R&D of filters and invited optical professors at home and abroad to cooperate to make the new developed photography product be perfect.


The CPL filter I introduce to you is the 77mm PD CPL. The exterior package is violet and the bossy letter of PD touches comfortably. Unfolding the hard paper package and the grey plastic container appears.




the reverse package




Open the plastics package, there is the PD CPL-HD WMC filter. The filter is fixed in the sponge mould to be prevented from shaking. There are 58mm, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm, and 82mm five sizes to choose in PD CPL-HD WMC series, available to all lenses models.




Benro PD CPL filer’s ring is forged by high- strength aviation aluminum alloy which is painted black to eliminate reflections. The threads are pretty smooth and can be screwed on to the lens rather quietly.


Test for scratch & fingerprint resistance


The filter is made of superior flat glass which is coated WMC water & oil repellent, scratch & fingerprint resistant coating. I put my finger on and left my fingerprint on purpose. Then I wipe the surface with only a little effort and the fingerprint was gone.(show as the below pic)


Test for water & oil repellence


If the filter is good in water-repellence performance, then the water drop on it won’t spread into many little ones and drip like stream, but still a plumb one and can be removed easily. For the test, the water drop on Benro filter is still a plumb one, and only shaking with a little effort, the water is gone. It is amazing.(show as the below pics)


Display with Cameras


Screwing Benro PD CPL on the Canon 24-70 F4


When screwed on Canon EF 24-70mm f/4L IS USM, we can see the WMC coating of PD CPL is lavender.


Without Benro PD CPL


The original coating color that the Canon EF 24-70mm f/4L IS USM is coated is light green




In the above picture, the silver trade mark is irradiated by two 5500K color temperature lights. We can see that the part shadowed by Benro PD CPL filter remains more details, by reflecting light off, the color is more saturated and clearer, on the contrary, the other one bare part reflects more white light, we can see nothing except for the letters of BENRO




Benro PD CPL-HD WMC filters are high-quality for the adopting of excellent materials. Besides protecting front lens elements, they have high transmittance, and most important is that the images are clearer and more saturated, and in the shooting of open air, the sky is much bluer and the cloud is much whiter. So, if you, especially those landscape photographers, are going to equip your cameras with some CPL filters, Benro is the ideal choice

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