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Well-designed and Travel-friendly Benro C1282TV1 Tripod Kit

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Well-designed and Travel-friendly Benro C1282TV1 Tripod Kit

Now, there are so many photography support equipments on the market for us to choose and we are really in hot water to get a satisfactory one. Many a photographer has asked us about how to choose a high -performance tripod and which photography accessories brand is more reliable. As a responsible photography media, we recommend photographers equipments with excellent performance and reasonable price certainly. According to our own researches and many photographers’ experience, products of Benro who has been devoted itself to photography accessories industry for 18 years receive the highest appraisal and possess a lot of faithful fans. And in this text, I’ll show you my trying out about one of the Benro’s products, the C1282TV1 Tripod Kit in detail.


The C1282TV1 Travel Angel II triple transfunctional carbon fiber tripod kit with V1 ball head from Benro is a multi-functional camera support system that features carbon fiber tripod legs and the V1 dual action ball head.



For a new purchased C1282TV1 tripod kit, besides a C1282T carbon fiber tripod and a V1 dual action ball head, a fine grain wooden knob and a piece of hand strap which are used to convert one tripod into walk stick, stainless steel spikes are included in the high quality and durability case which provides protection and transport for your tripod and head.





This C1282T tripod model has 4 sections. When folded, it is only 16.9" which is easy to fit into most of carry bags, yet can be extended up to 52.4" tall (62.6" tall with the center-column extended) and the minimum height is 9.8". The carbon fiber tube is light and sturdy with a biggest diameter of 0.99" and a smallest diameter of 0.6". It weighs 3.3lbs and can support up to 30.8lbs. The converted monopod reaches a height of 64.8".


The matched innovative V1 dual action ballhead is 0.9lb and can support up to 55lbs. The C1282TV1 tripod kit weighs less than 4.4lbs which makes it essential support equipment for travel photography.


The leg with foam grip is removable. Remove the center column of the tripod and screw it into the leg, then the tripod converts into a full-size monopod without any need for tools immediately.



 Remove the ball head and install the included wooden knob with integrated compass and hand strap, you get a perfect walking stick. 



The legs can be independently locked into place at three different angles for shooting in cramped quarters or on irregular surface areas. The adjustment is achieved by adjusting the pull-out magnesium alloy slice which has been applied to several series. In terms of the adjusting system, compared with others, I think, the pull-out system is much quicker and easier to operate, more sturdy and flexible. One more thing, by pulling out the slice, the leg can be inverted and folded back 180º for a more compact, easy-to-carry support system. At the same time, according to the practical need, legs can be tighten and loosen by adjusting the screw with the included Allen Key too.



Install the included short center column and lock all legs in the upper, the camera system can be placed closer to the ground with full support, allowing for low-angle shooting.



Reversing the center column is a way to shoot in low-level angel too. For the shooting, I observed carefully, even reversing the column, the quick release plate doesn’t appear any unbalance and looseness.


The newly developed twist-lock anti-rotation leg extension locking system operates more easily and enables fast set-up. Only actuating the rubberized locking grips with a simple quarter turn can achieve the extension and locking of the legs and compared with the old extension locking system, the locking force is increased 10%. Weather and dust-resistant construction keeps the locks clean, stable and functioning properly.


The tubes are made from QIHM-8X high intensity carbon fiber materials, light weight, sturdy and durable. It is very important for travel photography.


The tripod comes equipped with screw-in rubber feet which grab hold on just about any solid surface. Remove these rubber feet, and the included optional stainless steel spiked feet can be screwed in for use on slippery and sandy ground or grass lawns.


The C1282TV1 Travel Angel II kit includes a V1 double action ball head with Arca-Swiss quick release plate. Made from magnesium alloy components the ball head has separate positioning and pan controls with positive locking knobs and a Lock Limiter Tension Disk for drag adjustment. A striking feature of the V1 head is that you can set a suitable damping in advance via the micro damping knob (the blue one) to prevent your cameras from falling down even forgetting locking the head. Certainly, with the base scale you can make 360 ° horizontal camera positioning and alignment accurately.



Besides the bull's eye type bubble level which allows for accurate horizontal camera positioning and alignment, the quick release system adopts double safety system. The two screws at each end of the plate (on the bottom) and the stopped groove of clamp base protect camera from falling down or sliding out the holder. Only completely releasing the clamp and pulling the button out can get the quick release plate off the clamp base. Operating like the following video:




 The C1282TV1 tripod kit is well-designed, light-weight and sturdy. It is a great accessory for photographers on the go or shooting with larger DSLR bodies (for example 70-200f 2.8lens).

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