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High-performace and reliable Benro’s PD CPL-HD WMC

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High-performace and reliable Benro’s PD CPL-HD WMC




With the coming of digital era, we cannot deny a lot of effects by filters are achieved by PS instead. However, there is still more than one optical or special effect that can be achieved only by filters but not by PS, for example, the effects by ND filters and CPL filters. Therefore, for our photographers, filters are essential beyond doubt. For a recent assignment, I bought a piece of Benro’s filter in PD series and I am retelling you my feeling about the trying out.


It is known to us all that CPL filter is essential to landscape & flower photography for it can remove reflective light by such surfaces as water, glass, etc, and enable colors to be more saturated and sharper with better contrast, for example, the cloud will be whiter and the sky more blue.





Years ago, when we had to choose filters, filters made in Japan or Germany came to our first choice for the reason that there were few professional optical filter producers and there were almost no filters produced in China. However, we have more choice now, especially filters made in China. From this year on, Benro, the Chinese leading photography producer who is specialized in photo/video tripod, bags has gone to filter market with its newly developed optical filters formally. As far as I know, Benro spent 3 years on the R&D of filters and experts at home and abroad in optical filters were invited to participate in the program.

This time, for the assignment, I chose to use Bnero’s PD CPL-HD WMC filter in PD series.WMC is short for Waterproof Multi-Coating, meaning the filters is water & oil repellent, fingerprint & scratch resistant. Now I’ll introduce it in detail.



The package is solid and delicate, in violet appearance and with silver characters. In the middle of the front top opening, BENRO, the brand identity and logo is printed and at the back of the package, there is brief instruction for the product.



Opening the package, there is another quadrate container made of high-strength plastic for holding the filter and there is sponge in the container, which ensures the solidity and safety of the filter no matter what the carrying way is.




Benro PD CPL filter



filter’s ring



screw the PD CPL filter on the lens



filter ring

The filter ring is made of high-performance aviation aluminum, sturdy and durable. With the anodic oxidation treatment, the ring appears black, which absorbs reflective light effectively and decreases affect to long exposure.



Water & Oil Repellent

Filters which are water & oil repellent, fingerprint & scratch resistant are essential and important for landscape photographers. So I did a test on purpose to check whether the filter is high performance and water & oil repellent or not.


before pouring water on


pour water on


after getting rid of the water-drop

We can see the water-drop does not spread out to be a lot of tiny ones and the glass is still clear without any watermark after getting rid of the water. The Benro PD CPL is well water & oil repellent.



High resolution ration

The DSLRs and ILCs are designed with more and more higher pixels, and it is an inevitable worry that whether the resolution ration will be affected after screwing filters on. And I also care about it and did a test all the same.

Test data of Benro PD CPL filter


Resolution comparison before and after screwing the filter on


before                             after

Polarizing effect of Benro PD CPL filter


The results show the impact the filter has on the resolution ration is very small even for those high pixel cameras and for the polarizing light, we can see from the picture, the polarizing area is overall black ( I used pure polarizing light source, that is the LCD) and the filter eliminates the polarizing light, showed as the above picture.



White balance

Now let’s look at the impact the filter has on white balance. The white balance will be affected more or less if the filter is screwed on and we definitely have the idea that it is the best situation that the filter has the least impact.

EV comparison before and after screwing the filter on


before                                     after

Color temperature comparison


before                                   after

After screwing the filter on, the figure shows the EV decreases by 1.25 which should be noticed while for the white balance, the color temperature only has about a 200k difference, the impact is very feeble.



Eliminating shadow

Besides the resolution ration, color temperature and EV, another inevitable question is the shadow.


before screwing the filter on


after screwing the filter on

Shadow comparison before and after screwing the filter on


Before                                after

After screwing the filter on, there is no shadow increased and even though there is shadow, it’s not the cause of filter but caused by the lens itself, the wider the lens is, the much serious the shadow is.



Polarizing effect

The following are pictures I shot to show the actual polarizing effect before and after using the filter.


before                              after


before                             after


before                                 after


before                               after


The above one is shot before screwing the filter on

The blow one is shot after scr

It is not difficult to observe that the sky is much bluer and the reflective light on the glass is eliminated after screwing the filter on, the color being more saturated and sharper.

Conclusion: Benro filters are high performance and reliable

According to all the actual and serious shooting tests, we can see the resolution ration is not decreased, the white balance, the EV and the shadow are not affected obviously after screwing the filter on and all pictures are much sharper and saturated, which prove Benro PD CPL-HD filters are high-performance and reliable.


Screw Benro filter on the lens


Benro PD CPL-HD WMC filter

Therefore, though PS are used widely now, the functions of CPL filters can’t be replaced, I’m sure. Many a photographer is more confident of and likes products made in Germany or Japan, I think, but now we have new choice, Benro filters are high performance too, the quality is reliable. My fellows, Benro filters are actual an ideal choice unless you are definite German or Japanese fans.

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