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C2282TV2 tripod kit--V2 Spheroidal Head

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V2  Spheroidal head



Now, we have a look at the matched head, V2 Spheroidal head


Constant damping head ensures stable shooting

There is an eye-catching blue knob on the head, which can make it different from others. This is the latest V2 head Benro launched.


V2 series head


The hollow elliptical ball of V2 is up to 40mm in diameter and has much stronger damping force and more excellent stability.

elliptical sphere with 40mm in diameter




Stainless steel constant micro adjusting dial and large damping knob

Head scale


For V2 head, constant damping system is the most outstanding feature. You need simply to set the damping by the large damping knob in advance, and then lock the damping. The advantage of constant damping is by setting a suitable damping value in advance, after fixing lens and cameras, you can prevent your cameras from falling down even forgetting to lock the head.


Quick releasing plate

Because of the dual assurance design, when dismounting the plate, only by pulling the locking knob out can you separate the plate from the head. It is a little awkward to be used for the first time, while you adapt to it, you will find the new design is so delicate that the cameras’ accidental falling down by dismounting the plate is avoided effectively.

Dual safety device on the plate



Pulling the releasing and locking knob out and dismounting the plate


The locking screw on the plate adopts the combination of hexagon and level “one” shaped design.  So when attempting to lock the camera on the plate, you can use the Allen key or a one –jiao coin.

Installing the plate


There is a bubble level on the head, which is important to make sure whether the head is in a horizontal level. In addition, the thick rubberized pad increases the friction force between camera and plate, providing more stable support for gears.

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