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  • 2013.7

    BENRO took part in the 15th P&I show in Shanghai with MAC Group

  • 2013.4

    BENRO took part in the 16th China P&E exhibition in Beijing. BENRO optical filter was launched. The convention of the press conference indicated that BENRO has been crossed from the industrial manufacturing field to high end optical field.

  • 2013.2

    BENRO C2282TV2 has won the yearly photo tripod award at Fengyun List

    BENRO C2282TV2 has won the yearly best travelling tripod at Photofans Billboard.

    BENRO Coolwalker 200N has won the best travelling camera bag at Photofans Billboard.

  • 2012.12

    BENRO won the “China Yearly Imaging Outstanding Contribution Award in 2012”

  • 2012.5

    BENRO company held “Police & People Joint Development Department” opening ceremony.

  • 2012.7

    BENRO took part in the 14th P&I Shanghai show in 2012.

  • 2011.7

    BENRO took part in the 13th P&I Shanghai show in 2012.

  • 2011.3

    BENRO took part in the CP+ show (Camera & Photo Imaging Show). BENRO has played a very important roll during the show. Photo tripod, video equipment, professional camera bag and the new products has attracted photographers. This big show made BENRO to be the new mark at imaging times. 

    BENRO Travel Flat tripod C2190T has won the industrial design award at List of List in 2010

    BENRO Quicken 400N won the best popularity award at List of List in 2010.

  • 2011.1

    BERNO won the best popularity photo tripod brand from Fengniao. This has been the third year that BENRO won the highest award since 2008 and 2009.

  • 2010.9

    BENRO took part in Photokina 2010 in Germany Koln.

  • 2010.7

    BENRO took part in the 12th P&I show in 2010. 

  • 2010.5

    BENRO Beyond professional camera bag, Journo professional camera bag and Vega business multi functional camera bag were launched

  • 2010.2

    BENRO won “the Worldwide Famous Photographic Equipment Brand” at XITEK in 2009.

  • 2009.12

    BENRO won “Hi-tech Enterprise” in Guangdong province.

  • 2009.8

    BENRO Sporting and Classic professional camera bag were launched, which created solid foundation for Benro camera bags.

    BENRO won “Zhongshan Excellent Private Enterprise” awarded by Zhongshan People’s Government.

    BENRO took part in the 12th P&I show in Shanghai.

  • 2009.5

    BENRO gimble head GH series was launched for bird watching and sports shooting. It has provided the best choice for 300mm long focus lens users.

    The second generation quick release plate, PC, PU, PS, PL and quick release clamp QRT and QRL have been launched. 

    The second generation ball head B series was launched which realized real friction control and stronger locking power.

    BENRO firstly adopted magnesium alloy to manufacture carbon fiber, mag-aluminium M8 series tripod.

  • 2008.5

    Launch shoot birds -- connaught cantilever yuntai GH series, use 300 for shooting sports or birds

    The mm telephoto lens above photographers provides the best choice

    Introduced the second generation of professional fast loading board PC, PU, PS, PL series and clamping platform QRT, QRL series

    Second generation of connaught professional ball yuntai series B, has realized the real damping adjustment and stronger clamping force

    Take the lead in the domestic production of magnesium magnesium alloy materials. Carbon fiber, magnesium, aluminum alloy M8 series tripod

  • 2007.1-6

    Travel Angel tripod was launched, which was praised by travelling photographers.

    BENRO products started to be sold in the most famous photographic equipment store B&H in the US.

    BENRO joined the biggest photographic show in Russia “PHOTOFORUM 2007”. BENRO started the sales in Russia.

    Eight Layer Carbon Fiber Patented Technology was applied.

    BENRO invested 10000000 RMB more to change the name to be Benro Precision Industrial Co.,Ltd.

  • 2006.1-10

    BENRO took part in the worldwide famous show in Germany Photokina 2006

    BERNO took part in P&E show in Japan

    BENRO took part in worldwide famous imaging show in the US PMA 2006

    Beijing, Xi’an show rooms were built and stared to open up international market.

  • 2004

    Guangzhou, Shenzhen BENRO show rooms were built. Patented products KS and KB series ball heads were lauched.

  • 2002.6

    BENRO brand professional photo tripod and head were launched.

  • 1998.8

    BENRO cooperated with Japan company to manufacture camera tripod (OEM). Self-owned brand “Boffola” was launched.

  • 1995.3

    Yicheng hardware processiong department was built in Nankeng Industrial Area, Xiangzhou, Zhuhai

  • 2013.6

    BENRO technology supported Zhang Xinyu and Liang Hong for the Global Sailing Exploration. A documentary film about Chinese people sailing exploration was accomplished under the witness of BENRO professional photographic equipment.

  • 2013.3

    BENRO video bird watching fluid head H10 won the “Best Head” award at XITEK in China.

    C2682TV2 won the “Best Tripod” award at XITEK in China.

  • 2012.2

    BENRO tripod was qualified at the South Pole extremely cold weather and active volcano.

  • 2012.7

    The 6th BENRO Cup online photo competition, e.g the 3rd “BENRO Cup” college student photo completion was held

  • 2012.4

    BENRO took part in the 15th CHINA P&E show in Beijing

  • 2011.11

    BENRO Dealer Meeting was held at Zhongshan headquarter in 2011.

  • 2011.4

    BENRO Beyong series camera bag BEYOND B300N and Travel Angel tripod A-169EX+B-0 tripod won the yearly product award at Russian Consumer Electronics & Photo Expo 2011.

    BENRO took part in the 14th CHINA P&E show in Beijing.

  • 2011.2

    BENRO Travel Flat tripod C2180 and Beyond B400N camera bag won the most famous tripod and camera bag brand at fashion magazine “Xinrui Imaging”.

    BENRO Travel Flat tripod C2180 and Beyond B400N camera bag won “Editor Recommending Award” and “Star of fashion” at magazine “Digital Life”

  • 2010.11

    BENRO won three Golden Awards and one Copper Award at the most authoritative photo magazine DIGITAL CAMERA (VGP) in Japan, among which Travel Flat tripod A1190T, A3190, C2190T and GH3 gimble head has won Golden Award, and C38T monopod won the Copper Award.

  • 2010.8

    BENRO firstly lauched video rig system and multi functional video head kits.

  • 2010.6

    BENRO took part in the 13th CHINA P&E show in Beijing and new product press conference was also held. New BENRO code system was launched. Travel Flat tripod, GH gimble head, and K series bird watching head were released.

  • 2010.3

    BENRO took part in the first CP+ 2010 in Japan (Camera & Photo Imaging Show). BENRO new Travel Flat tripod was released which was focused by Japanese media.

  • 2010.1

    BENRO tripod kit C-1691+B-0 got the “Editor Choosing Award” at “Digital Life”

    BENRO won one Golden Award and two Silver Awards: Travel Angel tripod C-169M8 won Golden Award; Universal flip lock tripod with HD head kits A-350EX+HD-18 won Silver Award; Gimble Head GH-1 won Silver Award.

  • 2009.11

    “Benro Cup” online photo competition was held.

    BENRO got the “Province Intellectual Property Superior Enterprise” awarded by Guangdong Intellectual Property Bureau.

    BENRO got the Patent Test Enterprise in Zhongshan city, which has created very good foundation for Benro product technology innovation.

    BENRO got the “Private Technology Enterprise” in Zhongshan awarded by Zhongshan Science and Technology Bureau.

  • 2009.6

    BENRO released transfunctional Travel Angel tripod on the basis of Travel Angel tripod. Tripod and monopod function has been realized.

    In June 2009, Benro was outstanding at DIGITAL CAMERA 2009 magazine, B-0 head won Gold Award; GH-1 gimble head won Silver Award and C-158M8 tripod won Silver Award.

  • 2008.12

    BENRO won the “Most Favorite Tripod Brand” at Fengniao in 2008-2009.

    BENRO got “Guangdong Province Famous Trademark” designation.

  • 2007.12-10

    BENRO won the “Yearly Award” awarded by FOTOMEN.

    BENRO won the “Most Famous Photo Brand (professional tripod and head)” warded by XITEK.

    BENRO won “Supporting China Photographic Education Special Contribution Award” awarded by High Education Commission.

    Magnesium manufacturing technology and equipment has been introduced. BENRO started to manufacture magnesium parts by itself.

    Flip lock tripod was released which quickly got the flip lock tripod market.

  • 2006.12-11

    BENRO got “Yearly Technology Innovation Award” and “Yearly Best Cost Performance Award” awarded by FOTOMEN.

    Carbon fiber manufacturing technology and equipment were introduced and BENRO started to manufacture carbon fiber tube to make sure BENRO C series tripod quality was far prior to the similar products.

    BENRO got the “Most Reliable Equipment Brand for Chinese Photographers” certificate awarded by “Chinese Photographer Association”.

    BENRO factory moved to the third industrial park, Tanzhou town. The factory covers 30000 square meters and the manufacturing workshop covers 35000 square meters. It has become the world level professional tripod manufacturing base.

  • 2005

    Shanghai, Chengdu and Shenyang BENRO show rooms were built. BENRO also won the “Most Impact Imaging Products” certificate awarded by FOTOMEN magazine.

  • 2003

    BENRO took part in the P&D show in Beijing at the first time. Carbon fiber tripod C series was released and got good feedback and review from mainland photographers.

  • 2000.3-5

    BENRO started to develop professional tripod

    BENRO built the factory covering 2000 square meters and invested 2000000 RMB to change the company name to be Zhongshan Yili Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

  • 1996.3

    Factory was moved to Tongsheng Industrial Area, Tanzhou Town, Zhongshan City. Registered Zhongshan Yicheng Plastic and Hardware Mold factory.

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